Is Axis Multicap Fund Good?

Which is the best multicap fund?

Top 10 Multi Cap Mutual FundsFund NameCategoryRiskICICI Prudential Retirement FundEquityModerately HighAditya Birla Sun Life Retirement FundEquityModerately HighAxis Multicap FundEquityModerately HighMirae Asset Focused FundEquityModerately High12 more rows.

Which mutual fund has highest return?

Top 10 High Risk Mutual FundsFund NameCategory1Y ReturnsICICI Prudential Technology FundEquity50.7%Nippon India Pharma FundEquity56.0%SBI Banking & Financial Services FundEquity-1.3%Aditya Birla Sun Life India GenNext FundEquity3.8%7 more rows

Which is better Axis Small Cap or SBI small cap?

SBI Small Cap Fund has a good long-term track record as compared to Axis Small Cap. … Axis Small Cap delivered superior risk adjusted returns over the last one year under the Anupam Tiwari’s leadership.

Who should invest in multicap fund?

Multi cap schemes are typically recommended to moderate risk-takers because of the flexible investment mandate. However, 50% investments in mid cap and small cap stocks would make them highly risky. In fact, more riskier than large & mid cap schemes that have a mandate to invest at least 35% in mid cap stocks.

Should I invest in large cap or mid cap?

Market Capitalization Large caps are shares of well-established companies that have a strong hold on the market and are usually considered as safe investments. … From a standpoint of the investor, the Investing period of mid-cap funds should be much higher than large-caps due to the nature of the companies.

What is better SIP or lump sum?

The answer to this question depends on the stock market conditions. During upward trends, the lump sum mode of mutual fund investment tends to give relatively higher returns whereas during falling markets, investments made via a SIP generally provides better returns than a lump sum investment.

Is Axis Bluechip Fund a good investment?

The Axis Bluechip Fund Direct Plan Growth is rated Moderately High risk. Minimum SIP Investment is set to 500….Fund NameReturns 3YAxis Bluechip Fund5star14.0%Invesco India Largecap Fund5star8.0%HSBC Large Cap Equity Fund4star7.8%2 more rows

Which is best small cap fund?

Top 10 Small Cap Mutual FundsFund NameCategoryRatingSBI Small Cap FundEquity5starAxis Small Cap FundEquity4starKotak Small Cap FundEquity4starNippon India Small Cap FundEquity4star12 more rows

Is Axis Bluechip fund good for long term?

Axis Bluechip is suitable for long term investment goals: A lot of time, young investors overlook at long term investment goals like retirement planning or accumulating a corpus for their children’s higher education. That is because we like to live in the present and hence do not worry about the future.

Is Axis Small Cap Fund good?

The cash holding of the fund has also played a significant role. … Even by Mar-end 2019, the cash level was 23%. Aug-end 2019, it is still 21%. When combined with a good amount of mid cap stocks, Axis Small Cap was able to protect investors from loss over the last 1.5 years.

Which is better small cap or mid cap?

Speaking on the selection of category that a mutual fund investor may maintain while investing, Jhaveri said, “For long-term investment goals, one should choose small-cap mutual funds, for mid-term investment goals say from 3 years to seven years, a mid-cap mutual fund is the best bet while to avoid losses during the …

Which is better mid cap or Multicap?

Investing in more stocks makes multi-cap funds win over large & midcap funds in terms of diversification. However, large & midcap funds can have more quality stocks than their multi-cap counterparts, resulting in greater returns for those investing in the former.

Which SIP is best for 5 years?

Best SIP plans for 5 year investmentFund Name3-Year SIP Returns (%)5-Year SIP Returns (%)Kotak Emerging Equities Fund (Regular)6.54%9.73%INVESCO India Financial Services Fund (Regular)14.61%16.03%SBI Focused Equity Fund (Regular)12.40%12.94%Franklin Build India Fund (Regular)4.66%8.07%8 more rows•Jan 23, 2020

What are the top 10 mutual funds?

Here is the list of top 10 schemes:Axis Bluechip Fund.ICICI Prudential Bluechip Fund.L&T Midcap Fund.DSP Midcap Fund.L&T Emerging Businesses Fund.HDFC Small Cap Fund.Motilal Oswal Multicap 35 Fund.Kotak Standard Multicap Fund.More items…•

Is Axis Bluechip fund ELSS?

Axis Bluechip Fund Growth – Latest NAV ₹35.13, Returns, Performance & PortfolioInvest in Axis Bluechip Fund Growth – Latest NAV ₹35.13. Track scheme performance, AUM, historical returns, fund ratings, minimum SIP amount, fund manager etc….Fund Summary.PeriodReturns(per year)3 Years12.66%1 Year11.14%6 Months32.92%2 more rows