Question: Can I Use Hot Topic Credit Card At BoxLunch?

Where can I use my hot topic credit card?

The Hot Topic Guest List Credit Card accounts are issued by Comenity Bank for use only at the Hot Topic stores and their online website.

Just to be clear, this card cannot be used anywhere but on the Hot Topic website or in their stores..

What credit score do you need for a hot topic credit card?

580You’ll likely qualify for the Hot Topic card with a fair credit score of at least 580.

Is BoxLunch the same as Hot Topic?

While still under the same parent umbrella as Hot Topic, in 2015 the company branched off to become Torrid, LLC. In 2008, Hot Topic launched ShockHound, an online retailer and social networking music site. … On October 14, 2015, Hot Topic launched BoxLunch, a gift and novelty retail store.

What is hot cash from Hot Topic?

Earn Hot Cash It’s the hottest coupon program around: when you make a purchase during a Hot Topic Hot Cash earning period, you’ll earn so much cashback you won’t know what to shop for next! Designed to save you money, you can earn a $15 Hot Cash coupon for every $30 spent and redeem them both in-store and online.

How do I pay my hot topic credit card?

Need Online Account Management Options?Manage your Hot Topic Credit Card account online easily using Account Center. … Make a quick one-time payment without creating an account or signing in to Account Center, with Comenity’s EasyPay.

Can I use a Visa Gift Card on Hot Topic?

Can I pay with Visa gift cards at Hot Topic? … Yes, Hot Topic does accept debit & prepaid cards.

Can I use a hot topic gift card at Torrid?

Can I use a Hot Topic gift card? No. Hot Topic gift cards cannot be used to buy Torrid merchandise.

Do Hot Topic gift cards expire?

There is no expiration date on your eGiftCard. We recommend that you redeem it soon after you receive it, so you don’t forget.

Can you use a hot topic credit card at other stores?

You can only use the card at Hot Topic stores The Hot Topic Credit Card works only at Hot Topic stores.