Question: How Expensive Is Teladoc?

What is the best telemedicine company?



Fast, reliable, and easily accessible, Teladoc’s led the way in telemedicine for years.

Maven Clinic.

Maven Clinic.









Doctor on Demand.

Dr on Demand.


Plush Care.More items…•.

Why is teladoc not profitable?

Teladoc, which went public in 2015, has yet to turn a profit. … The bulk of Teladoc’s revenue comes from subscriptions fees, where insurers or large employers have contracted with the company to offer telemedicine services to their members.

Is teladoc available in all 50 states?

Teladoc is available in all 50 states Use Teladoc anytime, anywhere to talk to a doctor by video 24/7.

Will teladoc prescribe Xanax?

Don’t expect any prescriptions for tightly regulated drugs, either. Xanax, methadone, Ambien, and Zoloft are all off limits. So is Viagra. Basically, Teladoc will refuse anything that is considered a controlled substance, or that is not treating a disease, or that would require a more in-depth exam to safely prescribe.

Who are teladoc competitors?

10 Best Telemedicine CompaniesTeladoc.MeMD.iCliniq.Amwell.MDlive.Doctor on Demand.LiveHealth Online.Virtuwell.More items…•

Can teladoc refill Adderall?

You can use our services for therapy or to obtain other medications, but if you are currently taking any of the above drugs, we cannot prescribe refills.

Is teladoc any good?

Overall, Teladoc does provide a valuable service, and it is easy to see why they are so popular in the virtual visit space.

How long is the wait for teladoc?

How quickly can I talk to the doctor? Our average call back time is usually less than thirty minutes, but all calls are guaranteed within three hours or the consult is free.

How much does teladoc cost per month?

Talking to a doctor online has never been easier, or more affordable. For only $12.95 a month, you get unlimited access to Teladoc’s vast network of virtual doctors and professionals who can answer any medical question you have, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Is there a copay for teladoc?

You simply pay your copay as you would for any routine visit as part of your plan. Once you request a doctor visit with Teladoc, you will pay the appropriate fee based on your health plan, by either debit, credit, or HSA card. … Teladoc does NOT handle emergency situations. We treat non-urgent medical problems.

How much do doctors make on teladoc?

Telemedicine physicians average $15 – $30 per video visit and can complete 3-5 video visits per hour to make $100 – $150 per hour. Telemedicine nurse practitioners average $23 per consult for an average of $60 – $100 per hour.

Can I get a prescription through teladoc?

When it comes to prescriptions, our doctors make the call. They can diagnose, treat and prescribe medication if medically necessary. When you request to speak with a doctor, we’ll ask you where you’d like any prescription to be sent; we’ll even help you find a pharmacy near you when you’re traveling.

Why do doctors not prescribe diazepam?

The way Valium loses potency and the potential for addiction are two reasons why GPs don’t regularly prescribe the drug for long-term conditions like anxiety, as they did when it was first released. Valium was created by Leo Sternbach and released in 1963.

How does teladoc get paid?

Teladoc makes money by charging recurring subscription fees to insurers who fully cover their members, as well as per-visit fees for patients who aren’t covered by insurance. The company continues to report net losses, though they are decreasing in magnitude as Teladoc grows its membership.

What is the best online doctor service?

We searched for the best telemedicine apps ranked high in user ratings, quality, and overall reliability.MDLIVE. iPhone rating: 4.7 stars. … Lemonaid: Same Day Online Care. … LiveHealth Online Mobile. … PlushCare: Video Doctor Visits. … Doctor on Demand. … Amwell: Doctor Visits 24/7. … Talkspace Therapy & Counseling. … Teladoc.More items…•

What can teladoc diagnose?

Telehealth: In general, Teladoc can conveniently diagnose and treat most non-emergency conditions such as flu, seasonal allergies, upper respiratory infections, and more by phone or video. We can also prescribe medications when necessary.

Can I use teladoc without insurance?

YES! This is not insurance but your membership saves you money on your out-of-pocket expenses. So, if you use Teladoc, you avoid doctor’s office visit fee for non-emergency issues. When you utilize the national provider networks, you can get pre-negotiated savings and discounts on healthcare.

Who is eligible for teladoc?

Who is eligible to join the Teladoc Health Medical Group? For General Medical, we require physicians with board-certifications in internal medicine, pediatrics, emergency medicine, and family medicine, who are committed to high-quality virtual care to join our U.S. Telemedicine practice.