Question: Is Al Rayan Bank Savings Account Halal?

How do Islamic banks make money?

Islamic banks make a profit through equity participation, which requires a borrower to give the bank a share in their profits rather than paying interest.

Some conventional banks have windows or sections that provide designated Islamic banking services to their customers..

What is a Sharia savings account?

Sharia-compliant accounts provide the same day-to-day banking services as mainstream current accounts. However, they don’t give you a return on your money or offer overdraft facilities as the principle of paying or charging interest is against Islamic law.

Are savings accounts halal?

That’s because lending money to earn interest is forbidden in Islam, as Muslims believe it promotes unfairness and leads to social inequality and injustice. Hence Sharia-compliant savings accounts pay savers an “expected profit rate” instead. This comes out of the profit the bank earns from investing the money.

Who is Al Rayan Bank?

Al Rayan Bank is the UK’s oldest and largest Sharia compliant retail bank. We’ve been pioneering British Islamic banking since 2004. … Al Rayan Bank PLC is authorised by the Prudential Regulation Authority and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and the Prudential Regulation Authority.

Is Al Rayan bank safe?

All eligible deposits with Al Rayan Bank are protected by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS). The FSCS provide savers with automatic protection of values up to £85,000, to protect you against your Bank, Building Society or Credit Union going out of business.

Are bank loans halal?

A Muslim is not allowed to benefit from lending money or receiving money from someone. This means that earning interest (riba) is not allowed – whether you are an individual or a bank. To comply with these rules, interest is not paid on Islamic savings or current accounts, or charged on Islamic mortgages.

Are Sharia accounts safe?

Are deposits into Sharia accounts protected? Yes, in addition to the ‘Make Good’ offer, Sharia-compliant savings accounts are protected in the same way as savings accounts offered by other regulated banks in the UK, meaning that your capital isn’t at risk.

Is Al Rayan Bank FSCS protected?

Your eligible deposits with Al Rayan Bank are protected by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme, the UK’s deposit guarantee scheme, up to a total of £85,000. Most deposits are covered by the scheme. … For further information, please download this leaflet, alternatively you can visit

Is Al Rayan Bank halal?

Al Rayan Bank not only offers a range of features that provide customers with flexibility and value, but their HPPs are also fully Sharia compliant, meaning that customers can have a home finance package that does not compromise the principles of their faith.

Is mortgage Halal or Haram?

Islamic or halal home purchase plans are popular because borrowing and lending money in exchange for interest is forbidden under Sharia law. This means that mainstream mortgages are not appropriate for Muslims, who have previously struggled to find ways to get a foot on the property ladder.

Who owns Al Rayan?

Al Rayan (UK) LimitedAl Rayan Bank/Parent organizations

How many Islamic banks are there in the UK?

six Islamic banksThere are currently six Islamic banks in Britain, while another twenty lenders currently offer Islamic financial and wealth products and services, more than any other Western country.