Quick Answer: What Is Barrier Free Architecture?

What is barrier free education?


Welcome to the Barrier-Free Education Initiative portal.

This project was developed by CHS to assist school boards in creating an inclusive, barrier-free learning environment for Deaf and hard of hearing students, to improve outcomes in Ontario’s publicly funded schools..

What does accessible design mean?

Accessible design is a design process in which the needs of people with disabilities are specifically considered. Accessibility sometimes refers to the characteristic that products, services, and facilities can be independently used by people with a variety of disabilities.

What is the goal of barrier free design?

 The goal of barrier free design is to provide an environment that supports the independent functioning of individuals so that they can get to, and participate without assistance, in every day activities.

What does Barrier mean?

noun. anything built or serving to bar passage, as a railing, fence, or the like: People may pass through the barrier only when their train is announced. any natural bar or obstacle: a mountain barrier. anything that restrains or obstructs progress, access, etc.: a trade barrier.

What is a barrier free design?

Design for those with physical or other disabilities, involving the provision of alternative means of access to steps (e.g. ramps and lifts (elevators) for those with mobility problems). It is also called universal or barrier-free design.

What is meant by barrier free environment?

A barrier-free environment is a space that allows for free and safe movement, function and access for all, regardless of age, sex or condition. OR Space or a set of services that can be accessed by all, without obstacles, with dignity and with as much independence as possible.