Quick Answer: What Is The Difference Between Habitable And Inhabitable?

What means inhabitable?

If you can inhabit, or live in a place, it’s inhabitable, from the Latin inhabitare, “dwell in.” An earlier definition of inhabitable meant completely the opposite: “not able to be lived in,” from the roots in-, “not,” and habitable, “fit to live in.”.

Is Unhabitable a word?

Not habitable; not able to be inhabited; uninhabitable.

What is non habitable?

Non Habitable projects are those items that are not dwelling types. Examples can be furniture, bus shelters, statues, signage through to industrial items such as appliances, components and fittings, automotive components, equipment eg. lawn mowers, public transportation.

What is the opposite of operable?

Antonyms: unserviceable, impractical, inoperable. Synonyms: functional, useable, practicable, operational, usable.

Why does habitable and inhabitable mean the same thing?

That’s right, they both mean the same thing. The OED even defines ‘inhabitable’ as ‘habitable’. From what I looked up, Inhabitable: means conditions able to live in. Habitable: conditions good enough to live in.

What is another word for habitable?

In this page you can discover 7 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for habitable, like: comfort, inhabitable, uninhabitable, livable, comfortable, habitation and fit for habitation.

What is the opposite of habitable?

The logical opposite of habitable “inhabitable” was once used with its negative meaning. … The opposite of inhabitable is “uninhabitable.” -Flooding made the building uninhabitable.

What does Tenantable mean?

A person who has the right to temporary use and possession of particular real property, which has been conveyed to that person by a landlord.

What’s another word for genius?

SYNONYMS FOR genius 1 intelligence, ingenuity, wit; brains. 3 mental giant, master, expert; whiz, brain, brainiac. 4 gift, talent, aptitude, faculty, endowment, predilection; penchant, knack, bent, flair, wizardry.