Quick Answer: What Will Happen If I Delete My Shopee Account?

How do I remove my number from Shopee?

Step 1: Tap “My Profile” under Account Settings.

Step 2: Tap “Phone” under Edit Profile, then tap “Edit”.

Step 3: Enter your new mobile number, then tap Continue.

Step 4: A verification code will be sent to you..

How do I cancel my Shopee pay?

You can deactivate your ShopeePay account by deactivating your Shopee account via Shopee application. Deactivation of Shopee account is permanent and irreversible.Please ensure that you have completed all orders before submitting the request.

How can I cancel my order on Shopee if shipped?

1) Click on “Me” and “To Pay / To Ship”. Find your order and click on the name of the order. 2) After that, click on “Cancel Order” to initiate a cancellation request.

What happens if I refuse to pay cash on delivery Shopee?

This payment option will be suspended for 90 days. Failed transactions are canceled orders that are due to the following: Refusal to accept COD parcels. Failing to receive the package after the 2nd delivery attempt by Shopee Supported Logistics.

Can I delete my Shopee account and make a new one?

1) Log into the Shopee Mobile Application (account deletion is not available on PC Mall and Seller Centre). Click on the “Me” tab and then “Account Setting”. 2) Click on “Request Account Deletion” at the bottom of the page. 3) Acknowledge that account deletion is irreversible.

Why can’t I delete my Shopee account?

Your mobile phone number has been used too many times to register for Shopee accounts. Please contact our customer service representatives and explain: … The reason behind your current account deletion request; If there is anything else we can do to meet your needs rather than deleting this account.

How do I delete my Shopee bank account?

Follow these steps to delete a bank account in ShopeePay:Step 1: Go to ShopeePay in Me tab then tap the gear button to open.Step 2: Tap ShopeePay Bank Accounts.Step 3: Select the bank account you want to delete.Step 4: Enter ShopeePay PIN or biometrics to successfully delete your bank account.

Does Shopee sell fake?

Note: Just so you know, Shopee doesn’t allow counterfeit items in the platform. In fact, they run an online quality check from time to time. So eventually, fake items parading as brand names are removed. … There’s tons of products and Shopee can only check so much.

Is it safe to buy from Shopee?

Shopee eliminates any scams or fraud attempts through the use of the Shopee Guarantee function. Shopee Guarantee is a secure payment service where all payments will flow through Shopee, where it will stay and be released only after both buyers and sellers have fulfilled their commitments.

Why is my Shopee account banned?

Account limitations may be imposed on users that have violated Shopee Terms and Conditions or suspected to have engaged in one or more of the following activities: Fake order creation. Voucher abuse. Subsidy and rebates abuse.

How do I remove my email from Shopee?

Step 1: Tap “Account Settings” under “Me” Tab. Step 2: Tap “My Profile” under Account Settings. Step 3: Tap the “Email Address” in Edit Profile.

How do I cancel my Shopee account?

Step 1: Tap “My Purchase” under Me Tab to view the status of your order. Tap “Withdraw Cancellation Request” if you changed your mind and wanted to withdraw your cancellation request. You can only request for cancellation once for every order.

Do Shopee coins expire?

Shopee Coins is only valid until the end of the 2nd month after it was earned. Example: Coins earned from January 1 to 31 will expire on March 30.

How does Shopee refund?

A notification will be sent through the Shopee app and email to inform you about the refund. … If the payment was made using ATM Bank Transfer / Online Banking / ShopeePay / 7-Eleven Cash Payment, Shopee will refund the payment into your ShopeePay immediately.

How do I sue a Shopee?

Step 1: Tap “Dispute to Shopee”, and tap “Confirm” allowing Shopee to mediate in the situation. Step 2: Once you have raised a dispute to Shopee, select the appropriate “Dispute Reason”, add a few words to explain the dispute, and tap “Submit”.

Can I have 2 accounts in Shopee?

Yes, users can log in from multiple devices. However, the devices that users will log in from, should not be registered to any other Shopee account.

Can I delete Shopee purchase history?

Tap Edit on the top-right corner of the screen. Tap Edit Items. Tap the checkbox for each item you want to remove. Tap Delete at the bottom-right corner of the screen.

Can I use same number for Shopee?

If you requested for your account to be deleted, you will be able to register using the same email address or phone number that you have used before. Shopee reserves the right to ban or terminate your user account without prior notice at its sole discretion. … Tell us more using the “email icon” or “chat now” below.