Quick Answer: Which Bank Credit Card Is Best In India?

Which is the cheapest credit card in India?

Here are some top cards and its features:SBI Simply Save.

• 499 INR joining charges.

ICICI Coral Card.

• 199 INR joining charges.

HDFC Moneyback Card.

• No annual fees.

American Express Gold Card.

• 1000 INR joining charges.

SBI Platinum Card.

• 2,999 INR joining charges.

RBL Platinum Maxima Card.

• No joining charges..

What is the limit of my zone credit card?

You can get Complimentary access to Visa Airport lounge with the MyZone Card (2/qtr). Even though this is okay but it is pretty much something that is the norm in the credit card industry as of now. There is waiver of fuel surcharge on spends ranging between ₹400-₹4000/ month.

Is HDFC credit card free?

Lifetime Free Credit Card – Get Credit Cards with No Annual Fee | HDFC Bank.

Which HDFC credit card is lifetime free?

Low Annual Fee Credit Cards by HDFC BankHDFC Credit CardAnnual FeeFee Reversal ConditionHDFC Freedom Credit CardRs. 500Spend Rs. 60,000 in a yearHDFC Bharat Cashback Credit CardRs. 500Spend Rs. 50,000 in a yearHDFC Times TitaniumRs. 500Spend Rs. 1.5 Lakh in a year4 more rows•Sep 16, 2020

What documents do I need for credit card?

You’re generally required to provide your legal name, birth date, address, Social Security number and annual income. Giving an issuer your Social Security number allows them to check your credit, which largely dictates whether or not you’ll receive the card.

Can I get a credit card without a bank account?

If you’re applying for a credit card, having an account with the issuing bank can make it easier to get approved. But in many cases, it’s not a requirement. … In fact, it’s possible some issuers may not require you to have a bank account at all to open up a credit card.

Which bank is best for credit card?

Best Credit CardsBankList of Popular Credit CardsSBISimplySAVE SBI Card, IRCTC SBI Platinum Card, Yatra SBI Card, SBI Card ELITEHDFC BankRegalia Card, Freedom Card, Platinum Times Card, Titanium Times CardAxis BankMy Zone Card1 more row

Which is the best credit card in India?

Best Shopping & Lifestyle Credit Cards for 2020 in IndiaHDFC Regalia Credit Card. Annual Fee: Rs. 2,500. … American Express Membership Rewards Credit Card. Annual Fee: Rs. 1,000. … SBI Card PRIME. Annual Fee: Rs. 2,999. … Standard Chartered Manhattan Platinum Credit Card. Annual Fee: Rs. … Citi Cashback Credit Card. Annual Fee: Rs.

Which credit card is best 2020?

StudentDiscover it® Cash Back: Cash Back.Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card: Travel.Citi® Diamond Preferred® Card: Low Interest.American Express Blue Business Cash™ Card: Business.Deserve® EDU Mastercard for Students: Average Credit.Discover it® Secured: Building Credit.Discover it® Student Cash Back: Student.More items…

Which is best credit card in HDFC?

Best HDFC Credit Cards in India 2020JetPrivilege HDFC Diners Club: Unlimited lounge access.HDFC Bank Diners Club Miles Card: Up to 6 international airport lounge visits.HDFC Bank Regalia First Card: 8 domestic airport lounge visits, 8% rewards rate on domestic travel.

Which is the safest credit card in India?

Best Premium Credit CardsHDFC Regalia. HDFC Bank Regalia Credit Card. … Amex Gold Charge. American Express Gold Charge Card (India) … SBI Elite. Reward Rate: 2% … HDFC Diners ClubMiles. HDFC Diners ClubMiles Credit Card. … HDFC Diners Privilege. Reward Rate: 1.3% – 13% … Indusind Iconia (Amex) Reward Rate: 1% – 2% … Indusind Pinnacle.

Which credit card is best for middle class?

Best Premium Credit CardsHDFC Regalia. HDFC Bank Regalia Credit Card. Reward Rate: 1.2%-12% … SBI Elite. SBI Card Elite. Reward Rate: 2% … Amex Gold Charge Card. American Express Gold Charge Card (India) … HDFC Diners ClubMiles. HDFC Diners ClubMiles Credit Card. … Indusind Iconia Amex. Indusind Iconia American Express Credit Card.

How can I build my credit fast?

Steps to Improve Your Credit ScoresPay Your Bills on Time. … Get Credit for Making Utility and Cell Phone Payments on Time. … Pay off Debt and Keep Balances Low on Credit Cards and Other Revolving Credit. … Apply for and Open New Credit Accounts Only as Needed. … Don’t Close Unused Credit Cards.More items…•

What happens if I never use a credit card?

Here’s what happens if you don’t use your credit card: The credit card’s issuer may decide to close your account after a long period of inactivity. … Some credit card rewards will expire after a certain period of account inactivity. You’ll also lose any rewards you’ve yet to redeem when your account is closed.

Is Credit Card good or bad?

Credit cards are neither good nor bad. They are financial tools that must be used with care. Cards can help or hurt your finances if you don’t use them responsibly. … At the same time, credit cards used properly offer a convenient payment method that can build credit and earn rewards for users.

Can I have 2 HDFC credit card?

Getting approved for Multiple HDFC bank credit Cards: So having 5 Lakh or more limit on a single card increases your chances of holding multiple credit cards from HDFC, usually limited to maximum of 2 cards per person.

What are the disadvantages of credit card?

Disadvantages of using a credit cardThe possibility of debt: The main risk of taking out a credit card is that you could put yourself in rising debt if you aren’t able to pay back what you borrow. … Your credit score: Letting your credit card debt build up, or missing payments, can influence your credit rating.More items…•

Should I use my credit card for everything?

Americans have an average of $22,751 in credit available to them across all their credit cards, but that doesn’t mean you should use all of it. In fact, experts recommend keeping your credit utilization rate (your debt-to-credit ratio) below 30% (with some even suggesting as low as under 10%).

Which bank give credit card easily in India?

Axis Bank Insta EasyThe Axis Bank Insta Easy Credit Card is a chip & pin enabled credit card that puts your banking experience at ease by issuing the card against your Fixed Deposit with Axis Bank.

How can I apply credit card without a job?

If you do not have a job, but have substantial inflow of money into your account, you are as much eligible to apply for a credit card. You will need to submit the proof of income to the bank with your credit card request. The income could be from royalty, business profits, child support or alimony.

What are the top 3 credit cards?

The Best Credit Cards of 2020Blue Cash Preferred® Card from American Express: Best Cash Back Card.Citi® Double Cash Card: Best No Annual Fee Card.Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card: Best All Around Travel Rewards Card.The Blue Business® Plus Credit Card from American Express: Best Business Credit Card.More items…•

What is the hardest credit card to get?

Hardest Credit Cards To Get of 2020:Hardest Overall: Centurion® Card from American Express.Luxury Travel: J.P. Morgan Reserve Credit Card.Rewards: U.S. Bank Altitude Reserve Visa Infinite® Card.Business: Wells Fargo Business Elite Signature Card®Travel: Bank of America® Premium Rewards® credit card.More items…

What is the most elite credit card?

American Express Centurion CardThe most exclusive credit card is the American Express Centurion Card, also known as the Amex Black Card. It is reportedly reserved for people who spend at least $100,000 per year, and an application is needed to apply.