What Do I Need To Know When Hiring A Tree Service?

What is bonded?

Bonding: While insurance offers protection for the company, bonding offers protection to a business’s customer.

If something goes wrong, the customer can file a claim against the company, and the bond purchased by the company will cover the cost of the claim, provided it is deemed to be valid..

What kind of insurance does a tree service need?

TYPES OF INSURANCE COVERAGE FOR TREE CARE COMPANIES. There are two types of insurance coverage to look at – general liability and workers’ compensation. To be adequately protected, the tree care professional (preferably a Certified Arborist) you hire must have both.

Does a tree service need to be bonded?

Just like when you hire any contractor, a tree service should be bonded. With a surety bond, you have extra assurance that the company will fulfill its obligations.

How much is liability insurance for a tree service?

The average tree service business in America spends between $400-$1,500 per year for $1 million in general liability coverage. You may be able to acquire general liability insurance at a discounted rate by purchasing it as part of a business owner’s policy (BOP) rather than as a standalone policy.

How much is Workmans Comp for a tree service?

Typically, a tree service will pay anywhere from $25 to $50 per $100 of wages for workers comp. To put that in perspective, workers comp for a clerical position is about $0.33 (that is 33 cents) per $100 in wages.

What does bonded mean in tree service?

surety bondBeing bonded means the tree service company has a surety bond that protects you, the consumer, in case you need to file a claim against the company. If your claim is determined to be valid and a judgment awarded but the company is unable to pay, the award would come from the bond.

What is a ghost work comp policy?

A ghost policy is a type of workers’ compensation policy issued for a business when there are no additional employees of that business besides its owners, who are eligible to be excluded from a workers’ comp policy.

How do I pick a tree service?

A Guide to Selecting a Tree Cutting ServiceGo with Experience. Obviously, the more experience that a tree removal company has, the more likely it is that they will know how to do the job the right way. … Check their Qualifications. Find out how qualified they are to do the removal. … Check the Reviews. … Ask About Insurance. … The Services They Offer.

How dangerous is tree service work?

Tree care workers have one of the most dangerous jobs in America, regularly encountering heights, slippery conditions, falling limbs, sharp equipment and electrical wires. … Annually, tree care injuries account for about 80 worker deaths and at least 23,000 chainsaw injuries treated in emergency departments.

How do I start a tree cutting business?

This is particularly true if you live in an area where there is a year-round need for tree-cutting services.Get Training in Tree Care. … Apply for a Business License. … Register Your Business and Obtain Insurance. … Find a Space. … Purchase Tree Care Equipment. … Begin Online Promotion. … Develop a Marketing Plan.

What is an if any workers compensation policy?

They refer to a workers compensation policy in which there are no employees and the owner is excluded from Workers Compensation coverage. … It sounds counter-intuitive to pay for an insurance policy that only covers the owner and the owner is excluded.

Do arborists need a license?

Arborist – NSW In New South Wales – as in all other states and territories – there is no specific licence for arborists. That being said, the arborist you choose should have: A business licence. Insurance.

Are tree removal companies insured?

Whatever the case may be, contractors offering tree removal, trimming and pruning should never refuse to be insured. With so many types of insurance available to contractors working in this industry, you are probably wondering which one works best. Well, the answer is no other than general liability insurance.